Atril Events collaborates in the Life Biodehesa Seminar

Last May, Atril events collaborated in the projection of a seminar for the organization of Life Biodehesa in Seville.

Life Biodehesa was established in 2012 as collaborative project to promote integrated and sustainable management in Andalusian countryside. Livestock farmers, owners, managers, asociations and researchers come together with the goal of improving the biodiversity in our lands.

The Office for Environment and Territory Organisation held the “Seminar for the ending of the Life Biodehesa Project”, to talk about the knowledge and experience acquired, and, most of all, to think about how to keep promoting a sustainable and integrated management for the countryside.

The actions to start these conferences up were, among other, the registry of assistants, production and delivery of material, logistic management of material resources, speeches and talks or the accomodation management.

Our team took care of the venue: CaixaForum Sevilla. This includes an auditorium with a large range of audiovisual equipment that made it perfect for the event. Coffee-break and lunch services were included, and they took place in the restaurant and in several different areas of the venue.

The second conference day for the seminar was held in two different estates, where the coordination of all elements was carried out succesfully by Atril Events. Both transport and meal services were carefully organized to make sure everything went as planned by the client.

Furthermore, we completed a great design job as part of the event’s merchandising. We created the fabric bags, the printed schedules, hats and even the conference badges. We also developed a mobile app to keep all assitants posted and informed at all times.