Do you know the latest trend in business travel? Let's discover the bleisure

One of the current trends in urban tourism is the bleisure, a term that combines business and leisure concepts and consists of blending the work trip to enjoy the destination and carry out activities outside the work environment.

What kind of city does the bleisure travelers like? Find a destination that, in addition to meeting the needs for the business, is attractive to attendees is key to the event's success. It's essential that the city has an important tourist center with a good gastronomic and cultural offer. Monuments and museums are always attractive, but why not hold a business meeting in a place that stands out at a specific season of the year as beaches or mountains?

Recently, the number of business travelers who want to take advantage of their stay to visit points of interest in the city and add leisure and relaxing moments is increasing. We are, therefore, faced with an inclination that is revolutionizing the work travel sector.

In Atril Events we have extensive experience in planning cultural and leisure activities within the agenda of an event or for the free time of the attendees all over Europe. Currently, the trend of conducting smart travel allows you to meet business objectives and enjoy your destination thoroughly. This type of travel becomes a reason to want to go somewhere else and resolve work issues. Beyond conventional tourism activities, at Atril Events we are specialist in create personalized and exclusive experiences connected to the work objective of the trip. One more reason to contact our agency to make your business event as attractive as possible.

If the leisure proposal comes from the organizer, attendees will appreciate the gesture, increasing the options to achieve an event full of utterly satisfied participants, determining circumstance and very useful when it comes to customer loyalty.

Put yourself in our hands and let us make your work trip a pleasure!