With the event, The New Truth of Leather, the Leather Technology Centre of Andalusia – sponsored in part by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce and the Andalusian Regional Ministry of Innovation, Science and Business – wanted an innovative and exciting way to spotlight the booming Andalusian leather design and production sector and its boundless creative potential.

Beginning with an in-depth analysis of possible venues for this one-of-a-kind event, we quickly came to the conclusion that the demands called for an unconventional and playfully transgressive space. Selecting a large industrial warehouse in the Port of Seville, we went to work on transforming the site into a veritable laboratory of trends in leather production, replete with specially-designed trimmings and trappings.

In parallel with this creative design and development, Atril was also responsible for organisational and marketing aspects of the event including an Andalusia-wide communications plan, corporate imaging, audio-visual production, hiring of technical support staff and production equipment and study of on-site events to take place during the 48-hour event.

Conjugating leather, fashion, architecture, interior design, haute cuisine, erotica, luxury, sports and basic life products, Atril-organized events included a fashion show with accompanying book, expositions, professional gatherings, conferences and video art.

The event included the participation of celebrated leather professionals, experts and fashion designers including José Castro (L’Oreal Award Winner, spring-summer 2010, Fashion Week, Madrid), Vicens Mustarós (communications expert and advisor to national and international firms) and Nicolas Vaudelet (former artistic director, El Caballo).

The event closed with an exclusive fashion show entitled Dark City, featuring the designs of Roberto Diz.